Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Alice's Adventures

This was another competition project - redesigning the Alice in Wonderland book sleeve for Penguin classics.
'The design is a simple, bold construction implying mystery, excitement and fun. We are greeted by the friendly, grinning face of the Cheshire Cat, looming out of the blue and inviting us to join him in the astonishing adventure within. Using cut coloured paper I have tried to play with some other themes involved and also incorporate some classic sleeve design.'


This is an animation project I did for a D&AD competition with onedotzero about 'the city' and how it is constantly growing and changing. It was a very open brief but only a month to complete.

Stop-motion experiments...

Final Animation - Storyboards

The Full Set...

Filming in progress...

An awesome contraption I made to do sideways tracking shots!!

Finished Film:

Megalopolis from James Patrick on Vimeo.

GODZILLA ATTACK!! (Print by Charlie Cameron)