Sunday, 22 November 2009

Les Yeux Sans Visage

A couple of weeks ago we did a day of drawing from film stills in college, projecting a dvd and pausing it at certain interesting compositions. Obviously some directors are far better at composing shots than others, but it's a really interesting and useful exercise to practise.
This is a series of four stills from the film 'Eyes Without a Face' (Les Yeux Sans Visage), a great black and white film from 1960 by the french filmmaker Georges Franju, in which a woman is has her face transplanted. 3 minutes each drawing.




Casbian Sea Monsters

Here is the conclusion to my final project of last year. We were given a name of an interesting person from history and we had to research them and make a short biographic animation about them. I got a guy called Rostislav Alexeyev who worked for the Soviets in a secret base in Russia during the Cold War. He invented a machine called the 'Ekranoplan', which is half boat, half plane and hovers across the surface of the water. Some of his designs carried armoured vehicles and soldiers, and others fired missiles, but all were undetectable by radar. American reconnaissance discovered them on satalite images and were so afraid of these huge unknown machines they nicknamed them the 'Casbian Sea Monsters'.
This version is pretty poor quality but you'll see how much fun I had making it.

Check out the real machines, they're insane!

Cigarette Box

This is a 'Black Cat' cardboard cigarette box my parents found under the floorboards of our house last week, probably dating from when the house was built, around 1910 or something I think. Bit dusty but really great design.


Mini Me Doll

Here's a little doll of myself I made. Voodoo.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

STORYBOARD (The Altruist)

I have been employed by my mate James (Lofty) to do some storyboarding for the 3rd year final major film he is directing. With directions from Lofty, the script, shot list, some photos from the film locations they visited and some mug-shots of the actors I have begun forming some basic storyboards for him and his team before they begin filming.



To conclude my project on 'The Pancatantra' I made a series of nine lino relief prints to accompany the stories. I chose the extracts that made the biggest impression on me or would make the most interesting images in my head. This is the first time I have tried doing multi-layered lino prints, allowing multiple colours, and I'm definately going to try it again.

Lively and Tawny
The Monkey and the Crocodile
Of Crows and Owls
The Greedy Jackal
The Crab and the Crane
The Barber who Slaughtered the Monks
The Prince with a Snake in his Belly
The Lapwing who Defied the Ocean
The Ape's Revenge

Soft Toys for 'Handmade and Bound'

I found a quicker, more cost effective method of making toys for the zine fair 'Handmade and Bound', including some small characters, a stuffed handgun and grenade and some decapitated foot keyrings.

We were all extremely hungover for the fair but managed to have a good time anyway (or the girls seemed like they did!)

Pancatantra Development and Large 'Everything' Drawing

These are a few of my sketchbook development drawings in preperation for an A1 image encompassing the entire book.


Handmade Soft Toys

These are a couple of soft toys I made directed at adults. They took about 7 hours each and I meant to sell them at a zine fair (Handmade and Bound), but decided they were too valuable to try and sell there.

The Crab and the Crane - Book 3

This final book again is looking at the repetition in the story and the amounting pile of bones, but it uses the page format more effectively.