Sunday, 22 November 2009

Casbian Sea Monsters

Here is the conclusion to my final project of last year. We were given a name of an interesting person from history and we had to research them and make a short biographic animation about them. I got a guy called Rostislav Alexeyev who worked for the Soviets in a secret base in Russia during the Cold War. He invented a machine called the 'Ekranoplan', which is half boat, half plane and hovers across the surface of the water. Some of his designs carried armoured vehicles and soldiers, and others fired missiles, but all were undetectable by radar. American reconnaissance discovered them on satalite images and were so afraid of these huge unknown machines they nicknamed them the 'Casbian Sea Monsters'.
This version is pretty poor quality but you'll see how much fun I had making it.

Check out the real machines, they're insane!

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