Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Three Of The Missing

I have been working with my friend at Farnham Art School again, Lofty, who is just finishing his final year. I helped him with storyboarding for his final major film earlier in the year, but he did one more little film project after Christmas which I have also been helping him with. He wanted to try an animation feature before he left so got me and another artist to do the artwork for it, and some more guys to animate in his team. I would be doing the initial storyboarding again and also the 'backdrops' for the other artists characters to animate on top of.

It was called 'Three Of The Missing' and was based on an old artical he found about three lighthouse keepers mysteriously vanishing off Flannan Isle a hundred years ago.
He took the story and did an interpretation of it, adding his own material.

Very quick, won't make much sense and poor photographs (I'll try an get some better ones).

The animation has not been completed, these are maybe less than half the shots. The animating that has been done is on either Flash or After Effects, which is essentially moving layers of image (like in Photoshop) over each other to animate. So, some of these shots are comprised of sky, sea, island, and foreground layers for example, which will all move independent of each other.
The work is very different to my usual stuff, but good to know I can still use watercolours.

Shot 1

Shot 2 (8, 12, 16)

Shot 3 (6, 7)

Shot 4

Shot 5

Shot 6

Shot 9

Shot 10

Shot 14

Shot 15

Shot 22 (25, 29, 40, 47, 48, 49)

Shot 23 (26, 51)

Shot 24 (50)

Unfortunately I haven't been given a copy of the animation yet, but this should give you an idea of Chris' characters and how they will animate on top of my layers.

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