Sunday, 29 May 2011

Work Experience

During November I did some fantastic work experience for two weeks with a guy called Joseph Mann ( Although not signed just yet, he works for Blink Ink, and this job was the second commercial he was directing for them. It was a free job for a charity called 'The International Exchange', which encourages companies and their employees to be less wasteful by getting them to do charity work abroad and come back with an improved work ethic. Blink was doing the job for free, and the budget was very low, so I was certainly not the only person not getting paid.

We were building a miniature office environment out of card and paper which would then be animated in stop-motion. I was right at home building little models, and often to my suprise I was being brought cups of coffee rather than the other way around! I made lamp-posts, cars, office chairs, mugs, doors, potted plants, chimney pots, window frames, and even a ping-pong table!

Unforntunately I could only come for one day of filming because I had so much of my own stuff to do, but some of the equipment and lighting was pretty amazing. Joe sent me some stills afterwards. 

I still don't know if Joe has even finished this film yet...but if he tells me I'll link it. I wrote my dissertation on this experience so I could write about it for ages. I won't, but I learnt loads!

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